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The layer of Earth directly under the lithosphere.
a) Crust
b) Inner Core
c) Asthenosphere
d) Outer core

Among the three layers of the internal structure of the Earth which is the most dense layer?
a) core
b) mantle
c) crust
d) All of the above

Earth's outer skin is known as the _________.
a) core
b) mantle
c) crust
d) ridge layer

Which type of crust is thickest?
a) Oceanic
b) Continental
c) bread
d) pizza

The __________ core is solid.
a) inner
b) outer
c) apple
d) mantle

The __________ core is liquid.
a) inner
b) outer
c) apple
d) mantle

Heat in the mantle of Earth circulates by the process of __________.
a) diffusion
b) vaporization
c) radiation
d) convection

Which layer causes Earths lithospheric plates to move?
a) asthenosphere
b) crust
c) inner core
d) outer core

The layer that makes up most of the earth's mass and volume is the
a) core
b) mantle
c) crust
d) they are all the same size

Which layer of Earth is responsible for making the magnetic field?
a) core
b) mantle
c) crust
d) Earth does not have a magnetic field

The inner and outer core are mostly made of _________.
a) nickle and dime
b) iron and rust
c) iron and nickle
d) iron and aluminum

The lithosphere is
a) another name for the liquid part of the crust
b) upper most solid portion of the mantle
c) upper most solid portion of the mantle and the crust
d) liquid layer of the core

Starting from the center, the four major Earth layers are
a) crust, outer core, outer core, mantle
b) outer core, inner core, mantle, crust
c) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
d) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust

The part of the earth that is like thick paste and has the ability to flow is the
a) mantle
b) inner core
c) crust
d) all of the above

The spinning of hot liquid metal in earths outer core causes Earth's _____________.
a) daily rotation around the sun
b) weather patterns to change
c) magnetic field to form
d) oceans to have currents

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