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I've got a toothache
a) go to the dentist
b) take medicine
c) put cream on
d) drink water

my knee hurts
a) take some medicine
b) lie down and rest
c) go to bed
d) put a plaster on

I've broken my arm
a) lie down and rest
b) go to bed
c) put a cream on
d) go to the doctor

my shoulder hurts
a) go to the doctor
b) go to the dentist
c) go to bed
d) put a cream on

I've a cough
a) take some tea
b) drink some water
c) take some medicine
d) go to bed

I've cut on my finger
a) put a cream on
b) put a plaster on
c) lie down and rest
d) drink some water

I've got a bruise
a) mam siniaka
b) mam bol zeba
c) mam bol ucha
d) mam skaleczenie

My ankle hurts
a) boli mnie noga
b) boli mnie kostka
c) boli mnie stopa
d) boli mnie kolano

I've tummy ache
a) mam bol glowy
b) mam bol zeba
c) mam bol brzucha
d) mam bol ucha

I've cut on my leg
a) mam skaleczenie na nodze
b) mam skaleczenie na brodzie
c) zacialem sie w reke
d) mam skaleczona twarz

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