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Why did Marlee and Liz start going to the zoo after school?
a) They liked watching the animals.
b) It was safe for them to be together as friends.
c) So Liz could practice her presentation skills by talking to animals
d) To eat a snack.

Why was Marlee concerned about the presentation project she received at school?
a) She didn't have enough time to work on the project.
b) She didn't like speaking in front of other people.
c) She didn't want to work with Sally.
d) She didn't know how to make a presentation

Which two family members were against school integration?
a) Judy and Mother
b) Mother and Father
c) Marlee and Judy
d) Judy and David

Who is JT?
a) A boy that Nora likes at school
b) A boy that Liz likes at school
c) A boy that Marlee likes at school
d) A boy that Judy likes at school

Who is Red?
a) JT's older brother
b) Marlee's brother
c) Sally's brother
d) Liz's brother

Who is Sally?
a) Marlee's sister
b) Marlee's aunt
c) Marlee's mom
d) Marlee's 'friend'

Who is Nora?
a) Marlee's mom
b) Sally's sister
c) Sally's friend
d) Marlee's sister

Who is Betty Jean
a) Marlee's mom
b) Marlee's aunt
c) Sally's mom
d) Family Maid

Who is David?
a) Marlee's cousin
b) Marlee's boyfriend
c) Marlee's classmate
d) Marlee's brother

Who is Judy
a) Marlee's classmate
b) Marlee's best friend
c) Marlee's sister
d) Marlee's aunt

When Marlee finished school, what did she want to become when she grew up?
a) Teacher
b) Secretary
c) Rocket Scientist
d) President

What did Marlee like to listen to at night?
a) The radio
b) The birds
c) The lions
d) The television

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