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Why did Shi Huangdi have the same writing, money and laws in China?
a) To unite China
b) To enforce his ideas
c) To punish people easier
d) To put forth his Legalist ideas

What is the vocabulary word when China used the same coins and writing system?
a) Standardization
b) Legalization
c) Diffusion
d) Moralization

Who was the person who believed a society was like a family?
a) Confucius
b) Shi Huangdi
c) Liu Bang
d) Qin King Yin Zheng

The peasants are the ___________________ class of the Feudal System.
a) highest
b) lowest
c) middle
d) upper

What is the term when goods are made in the United States and sent out to other countries to sell?
a) transitioning
b) removing
c) importing
d) exporting

Ethics is when someone exhibits good______________________.
a) manners
b) behavior
c) religious beliefs
d) morals and values

Confucius was a __________________.
a) politician
b) King
c) religious teacher
d) philosopher

What is the term when items are made in China and brought to the United States?
a) import
b) export
c) transition
d) remove

The Civil War is similar to which period in China?
a) The Shang Dynasty Period
b) The Zhou Dynasty Period
c) The Warring States Period
d) The Confucious Ideas Time

The Great Wall of China wanted to keep invaders out from where?
a) The west
b) The south
c) The north
d) The east

How were the ideas of Buddhism spread?
a) Through discussions
b) Through diffusion
c) Through teachings
d) Through Kings and Lords

What did an earthquake symbolize in China?
a) The ruler would become sick.
b) The ruler would have a good crop that year.
c) The ruler was going to Heaven.
d) A ruler lost the Mandate of Heaven

Why did the early people of China settle along the Huang He?
a) Warm waters
b) Close to other places
c) Reliable water source
d) Good weather

What are some physical features in China?
a) Mountains and Desert
b) Streams and Oceans
c) Rivers and Mountains
d) Plateau and Streams

Why was the Silk Road significant to the people of China?
a) Connected them to other parts of the world.
b) Helped to communicate with others.
c) A way to travel far distances.
d) Helped to sell goods.

How did the people of China became wealthy?
a) By making silk
b) By inventing the plow
c) By inventing the iron plow
d) By spreading the word of Confucius

What religion is based on the idea of people acting morally and treating others well allowing these ideas to spread along the Silk Road?
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Legalism
d) Confucianism

What groups did the Caste System divided Indian society into?
a) birth, wealth or occupation
b) wealth, religion and occupation
c) family, birth and occupation
d) occupation, religion and family

What are two problems faced along the Silk Road?
a) hot desert, strong winds, bandits
b) rivers, winds and being lonely
c) mountains, winds and lack of food
d) snakes, mountains and rivers

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