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A good index fossil will be
a) long lived and found in one location
b) long lived and found in many locations
c) short lived and found in one location
d) short lived and found in many locations

Earth is
a) 4600 million years old
b) 4.6 billion years old
c) 4.6 x 10^9 years old
d) all of the above are the same number

Radioactive isotopes are used to date rocks and fossils because
a) They decay at a predictable rate
b) They are easy to find
c) They last a long time
d) They don't break down over time

Carbon-14 is a good isotope to use to date fossils and rocks that are
a) millions of years old
b) billions of years old
c) less than 50,000 years old
d) not from Earth

A sample containing 25% Potassium-40 and 75% Argon-40 has gone through
a) 1 half-life
b) 2 half-lives
c) 3 half-lives
d) 4 half-lives

Most of the rocks found in Western New York are from the geologic time period know as
a) Cambrian
b) Devonian
c) Permian
d) Triassic

Earth's current atmosphere
a) is the same as it was 4.6 billion years ago
b) has no oxygen
c) evolved from oxygen producing bacteria 3 billion years ago
d) has no nitrogen

When a radioactive isotope decays
a) it disappears
b) it stays the same element
c) it turns into a new element
d) it is released to space

When examining layers of rocks, the oldest layer can be found
a) in the middle
b) at the top
c) on the bottom
d) second from the bottom

A fault, folding, tilting, intrusions or extrusions are
a) younger than the layers they cut
b) older than the layers they cut
c) the same age as the layers they cut
d) due to weathering and erosion

An unconformity is
a) a fault
b) missing layers due to weathering and erosion
c) missing layers due to intrusions
d) a terrible storm

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