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If you were a fish, how would you obtain oxygen?
a) Your body cells would break down water molecules and release the oxygen.
b) You would take in oxygen gas dissolved in the water through your gills.
c) You would inhale oxygen at the surface of the water.
d) Oxygen would diffuse across your skin.

Of the statements below, identify the one that best describes the relationship between plants and oxygen.
a) Plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis and they also need oxygen from the air for cellular respiration.
b) Plants do not need oxygen because they use carbon dioxide in cellular respiration.
c) Plants do not need oxygen because they do not undergo cellular respiration.
d) Plants do not need any oxygen from the air because they produce it during photosynthesis.

Determine the statement that best describes waste removal in a flatworm.
a) Flatworms store waste in their bodies until they die.
b) Flatworms process solid, liquid, and gaseous waste in the same body system.
c) Flatworms have no specialized waste removal system.
d) Flatworms have extensive branched system that removes liquid waste.

Which substances do plants produce as waste products?
a) carbon dioxide and oxygen
b) oxygen and urine
c) carbon dioxide and urine
d) carbon dioxide and uric acid

Your respiratory system removes which waste product from your body?
a) urine
b) carbon dioxide
c) blood
d) oxygen

Do plants such as ferns need to break down glucose to obtain energy?
a) No, they absorb the sun's energy directly.
b) No, they absorb energy from the soil.
c) Yes, they make glucose and break it down to produce ATP.
d) No, they make glucose, but they don't break it down.

All cells are dependent on what fuel for energy?
a) ATP
b) glucose
c) DNA
d) protein

Through which body part do humans take in the energy they need to survive?
a) stomach
b) mouth
c) skin
d) intestines

Which organelle would you expect to find in the cells of a tree leaf, but not in a bony fish?
a) mitochondrion
b) nucleus
c) chloroplast
d) ribosome

Which system do you find in a human, but not in a flatworm?
a) a digestive system
b) a nervous system
c) a respiratory system
d) a vascular system

Of the following, which term describes the broadest, most inclusive category of life on earth?
a) species
b) kingdom
c) domain
d) order

Which characteristic do plants, people, and flatworms share?
a) They all make their own food.
b) They all ingest food.
c) They all use cellular respiration to obtain energy.
d) They all use photosynthesis to obtain energy.

An organism grows in colonies and is composed of eukaryotic cells. In which domain does this organism belong?
a) Eukarya
b) Plantae
c) Archaea
d) Bacteria

Taxonomy is best defined by which of the following phrases?
a) the process by which a flatworm obtains energy
b) a group of archaeans that live in deep-sea trenches
c) the study of the digestive system
d) the science of classification

Which physical characteristic do scientists use to classify organisms in domain Eukarya?
a) cells that contain a nucleus
b) possession of a cell wall
c) lack of a cell wall
d) cells that do not contain a nucleus

What role does your heart play in delivering oxygen to your body cells?
a) The heart pumps air throughout your body, delivering it to the cells.
b) The heart pumps oxygenated blood to your body cells.
c) The heart takes in oxygen from the air.
d) The heart breaks down carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen.

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