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How does Antony prove Caesar wasn't ambitious?
a) He cried for the poor
b) filled Rome with money by ransoming captives
c) refused the crown
d) all of the above

Who is a loyal friend
a) Caesar
b) Cassius
c) Brutus
d) Antony

How does Cassius trick Brutus into joining the conspiracy?
a) visits him in the middle of the night
b) writes fake letters
c) has fake citizens visit Brutus
d) compares Caesar to a snake in its shell

Who is Brutus' wife?
a) Portia
b) Calpurnia
c) Cinna
d) Artemidorous

Who offers Caesar the crown?
a) Antony
b) Casca
c) Cassius
d) Decius

Who says, beware the ides of March?
a) Caesar
b) Soothsayer
c) Artemediorus
d) Mark Antony

How many times is Caesar offered the crown
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

Marullus and Flavius disrespect Caesar by
a) Making fun of his wife's dreams
b) telling everyone he cries like a girl when he's sick
c) taking the decorations off of Caesar's statues
d) destroying the monument Caesar put up of himself

Who did Caesar defeated when the play begins
a) Crassus
b) Cassius
c) Casca
d) Pompey

When does the play begin
a) February 14th
b) February 15th
c) March 14th
d) March 15th

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