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What check does the U.S. Senate have on the U.S. President?
a) making treaties
b) refusing to confirm appointments
c) refusing to introduce taxing and spending bills
d) declaring laws unconstitutional

A people cannot be free whose government is in one assembly ----- Which constitutional principal does this describe?
a) checks and balances
b) rule of law
c) separation of powers
d) popular sovereignty

a form of government based on a written set of laws that all citizens agree to
a) separation of powers
b) constitutional government
c) judicial review
d) checks and balances

Two roles of the President
a) Commander in Chief, Chief Executive
b) Commander in Chief, Chief Justice
c) Chief Executive, Speaker of the House
d) Speaker of the House, Chief Justice

Who breaks a tie vote in the U.S. Senate?
a) the vice president
b) the president
c) the Speaker of the House
d) the Senate Minority leader

Who breaks a tie vote in the Florida Legislature?
a) the governor
b) the lieutenant governor
c) the president
d) the vice president

The State of the Union Address is
a) a speech that the U.S. President delivers to Congress
b) a speech that the governor of Florida delivers to Congress
c) a speech that the Chief Justice delivers to Congress
d) a speech that the Chief Justice delivers to the U.S. President

Impeachment means
a) Congress can remove the president for committing crimes
b) The President can remove members of Congress for committing crimes
c) The U.S. Supreme Court can remove members of Congress for committing crimes
d) The U.S. Senate can confirm presidential appointments

The governor is
a) The chief executive of the country
b) The chief executive of a state
c) The commander-in-chief of the country
d) The top legislator

A local legislative office is
a) president
b) city commissioner
c) county court
d) county mayor

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