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How has agriculture changed Georgia?
a) New farming technology has made it easier to farm.
b) People moved away from agricultural jobs and into cities after WWII.
c) New farming technology was developed.
d) All of the answers are correct

What contributed to Atlanta's growth?
a) Hartsfield International Airport
b) Major league sports coming to the city.
c) Industrialization and job opportunities
d) All of the answers are correct

Which mayor brought in aviation (airline industry) to the city of Atlanta?
a) Herman Talmadge
b) Ivan Allen
c) Maynard Jackson
d) William Hartsfield

Which mayor of Atlanta brought the major league sports teams to the city?
a) William Hartsfield
b) Ivan Allen
c) Ellis Arnall
d) Andrew Young

Which governor of Georgia ended the white primaries and fought for more equal voting elections?
a) Eugene Talmadge
b) Ellis Arnall
c) Ivan Allen
d) William Hartsfield

Which major league sports teams came to Atlanta in the 1960s?
a) The Braves, Hawks and Falcons
b) The Braves, Falcons and Thrashers
c) The Falcons, Braves, and Gwinnett Gladiators
d) The Braves, Hawks, and Thrashers

What were the white primaries?
a) A form of disenfranchisement that stopped African-Americans from voting
b) A primary election where only Republicans could vote
c) A primary election where only Democrats could vote
d) A fair way to vote in Georgia that allowed people of all backgrounds to vote

What was decided at the end of the 1946 governor's race episode?
a) Melvin Thompson was declared governor until a special election. Herman Talmadge was elected in the special election.
b) Ellis Arnall remained governor.
c) Herman Talmadge was voted out of office and Ellis Arnall took over.
d) Ellis Arnall was elected governor after a special election was held.

Who died before he could serve as governor in the 1946 election?
a) Eugene Talmadge
b) Herman Talmadge
c) Melvin Thompson
d) Ellis Arnall

Who refused to leave his seat after the 1946 governor's race?
a) Ellis Arnall
b) Eugene Talmadge
c) Ivan Allen
d) Herman Talmadge

Which governor of Georgia brought the nine month school year, believed in segregation, and was the son of a famous Georgia governor?
a) Herman Talmadge
b) Eugene Talmadge
c) Ivan Allen
d) Ellis Arnall

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