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An arrow between a grass and a prairie dog shows.
a) energy flowing from the priarie dog to the grass
b) energy flowing from a primary consumer to a producer
c) energy flowing from primary consumer to a secondary consumer
d) energy flowing from the grass to the prairie dog

What does one arrow on a food web show?
a) the flow of energy from a producer to a tertiary consumer
b) the flow of energy from primary consumers to producers
c) the flow of energy from primary consumers to secondary consumers
d) the flow of energy from secondary consumers to primary consumers

A food web has two organisms with arrows only pointing toward them. This is because ________
a) they make their own food.
b) nothing shown eats them.
c) they need no energy.
d) they give energy to others.

Limiting factors determine an area’s carrying capacity because
a) the number of animals is limited.
b) ecosystems are small
c) animals need resources to survive.
d) the number of animals is unlimited.

After one species disappears, the other species in the ecosystem
a) benefit
b) are thrown out of balance
c) die
d) are unaffected

A diagram with arrows showing energy flow from grass, to a rabbit, to a fox is
a) an energy pyramid
b) a food web
c) a food chain
d) a population chart

Grass that gains energy from the sun is an example of a
a) consumer
b) parasite
c) decomposer
d) producer

Any organism on a complete food web that have arrows ONLY pointing away from them must be_________.
a) omnivores
b) producers
c) decomposers
d) herbivores

Which correctly describes a decomposer and what it consumes?
a) frog: eats a variety of insects
b) bacteria: consumes dead organisms
c) hummingbird: collects energy rich nectar
d) eathworm: collects energy from the sun

Spiders eat centipedes. Lizards eat centipedes. Hawks eat snakes. Snakes eat lizards. How many arrows point toward the centipede??
a) none
b) one
c) two
d) three

One food web arrow goes from a prairie dog to a coyote, showing that
a) the coyote is bigger
b) the coyote eats the prairie dog
c) the prairie dog eats the coyote
d) the prairie dog is a producer

Organisms that can make their own food from sunlight are called
a) decomposers
b) consumers
c) producers
d) carnivores

Grass is eaten by a prairie dog. The prairie dog is eaten by a coyote. This is an example of
a) an abiotic element
b) an omnivore
c) a herbivore
d) a food chain

Spiders eat centipedes. Lizards eat centipedes. Hawks eat snakes. Snakes eat lizards. How many arrowspoint away from the centipede?
a) none
b) one
c) two
d) three

A polar bear hunts a seal. After the polar bear is done feeding, an Arctic fox consumes the remaining meat. Which describes the role of the Arctic fox in this situation?
a) predator
b) producer
c) scavenger
d) decomposer

A tick sucks blood from a dog. In this relationship, the tick is the ______ and the dog is the _____.
a) parasite, prey
b) predator, host
c) parasite, host
d) host, parasite

Blue-green algae are organisms that convert sunlight into food through photosynthesis. What is the role of blue green algae in a food chain?
a) producer
b) decomposer
c) consumer
d) scavenger

Which of the following is NOT a prey adaptation?
a) camouflage
b) chemical defenses
c) warning coloration
d) parasitism

Nature's recyclers are
a) predators
b) decomposers
c) producers
d) omnivores

Which of the following is the correct order in a food chain?
a) sun→producers→herbivores→scavengers→carnivores
b) sun→consumers→predators→parasites→hosts
c) sun→producers→decomposers→consumers→omnivores
d) sun→producers→herbivores→carnivores→scavengers

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