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What is a sanctuary Lamp?
a) burning lamp placed near the tabernacle
b) burning lamp placed near altar
c) burning lamp placed in back of church

There are three of these.
a) Holy Cruets
b) Holy Oils
c) Holy Candles

This symbolizes Jesus Christ as the light of the world
a) Pashcal Candle
b) Holy Candle
c) Trinity Candle

This may be worn by any person baptized in the church
a) alb
b) habit
c) hat

What is a stole?
a) A long garment
b) a long pair of pants
c) thin strip of cloth worn by a priest

What are the stations of the cross? How many can you name?
a) a devotion by Catholics during Lent
b) a devotion by Catholics during Christmans
c) A devotion by Catholics during Summer

What is the cycle of liturgical feasts throughout the year?
a) liturgical seasons
b) four seasons
c) four holidays

What are the Holy Days of Obligation?
a) Can you name two?
b) Can you name four?
c) Can you name all five?

What is fasting?
a) Abstaining from a certain food
b) Consuming one full meal and two small meals
c) drinking no water

What is abstinence?
a) Not eating meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays in Lent
b) Not eating your vegetables
c) Not eating pasta

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