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Which of the following gases do plants use in photosynthesis?
a) hydrogen
b) oxygen
c) carbon dioxide
d) carbon monoxide

The convergence of two continental plates would produce:
a) island arcs
b) rift valleys
c) folded mountains
d) trenches

Sea floor spreading provides evidence of which of the following Earth's processes?
a) erosion of coastlines
b) weathering of mountains
c) movement of crustal plates
d) formation of sedimentary

A researcher found shark fossils on top of a mountain. This evidence suggests which of the following about this region?
a) it was once below a waterfall
b) it was once part of a riverbed
c) it was once covered by an ocean
d) it was once near a freshwater lake

A rift valley is evidence of which kind of plate boundary
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) uniform

Earthquake activity in California is primarily caused by:
a) the lowering of aquifer levels
b) the interaction of tides with the coast
c) mining activity during the 19th century
d) plates grinding past each other along active fault lines

Which of the following best describes Earth's tectonic plates?
a) They move away from each other at the equator
b) They move because of convection currents in the mantle
c) They collide at midocean ridges
d) They form subduction zones

Which of these describes a divergent boundary?
a) Two contenental plates moving away from each other, forming a rift valley
b) Two Oceanic plates rubbing against each other, forming a mid-ocean ridge
c) Two continental plates colliding, forming a mountain range
d) Two oceanic plates colliding, forming a volcanic arc

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge exists between the African and South American geologic plates. Which process most often occurs at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
a) destruction of underwater mountains
b) creation of new continents
c) subduction of geologic plates
d) spreading of sea floor

If animals eat plants to get energy, where do plants get their energy?
a) soil
b) water
c) wind
d) sun

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