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During Spain's civil war, Francisco Franco was the leader of
a) Spanish rebel troops.
b) Spanish government troops.
c) Socialist troops fighting against the rebels.
d) republican troops supporting the government.

Which of the following was the leader of the Third Reich?
a) Adolf Hitler.
b) Fransisco Franco
c) Benito Mussolini
d) Emperor Hirohito

Which of the following countries signed a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union in 1939?
a) Spain
b) Germany
c) Britain
d) the United States

All of the following joined the Axis Powers EXCEPT
a) Italy
b) Germany
c) Japan
d) the Soviet Union.

What country invaded Manchuria in 1931?
a) Italy.
b) Japan.
c) Austria.
d) Germany.

Nazism was the German form of
a) socialism.
b) communism.
c) fascism.
d) a coalition government.

All of the following countries took control of other countries' territory during the 1930s EXCEPT
a) Spain
b) Italy.
c) Japan.
d) Germany,

By 1935, which of the following eastern European countries was still a democracy?
a) Czechoslovakia
b) Poland
c) Hungary
d) Austria

Hitler's main method for achieving lebensraum was to
a) attack Jews.
b) conquer other countries.
c) form a secret police force.
d) demand dictatorial power.

The title of Hitler's book Mein Kampf in English is
a) Well-Being.
b) My Country.
c) My Struggle.
d) Master Race.

The Munich Conference was held to address the problems of a German threat to the nation of
a) Czechoslovakia.
b) Poland.
c) Hungary.
d) Austria.

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