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In what battle did William Henry Harrison attack Tippecanoe while Tecumseh was away uniting more tribes for his confederation?
a) Battle of Lake Erie
b) Battle of Fort Meigs
c) Battle of Tippecanoe
d) Battle of Fort Stephenson

The war of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britian because:
a) The United States wanted land that belonged to Great Britian
b) Great Britian did not get along with the Ohio Indians
c) The United States were trying to force the Indians out of their land
d) Great Britian did not want the United States trading with the French

What Great Indian Leader had a vision where he met the Great Spirit and was told to return to the Indian ways?
a) The Prophet
b) Tecumseh
c) Bluejacket
d) Little Turtle

What Great Indian Leader united all of the Ohio tribes in order to protect the land for the Indians?
a) The Prophet
b) Tecumseh
c) Bluejacket
d) Little Turtle

When did Ohio become a state?
a) March 17, 1810
b) March 17, 1800
c) March 17,1803
d) March 17, 1805

What was an effect on the Indians when Ohio became a state?
a) They lost their land and could not grow their own crops
b) They moved West
c) They lost their food because wild animals kept disappearing
d) All of the above

Where was Ohio's first state Capital?
a) Chillicothe
b) Columbus
c) Cincinnati
d) Mount Vernon

What was a part of the Second Stage of Ohio Government?
a) The legislature was set up and said there would be no slavery in Ohio
b) 40,000 settlers voted to make Ohio a State
c) The Indians moved West and allowed Ohio to have a government
d) The Governor was chosen

What was the Third Stage of Ohio Government?
a) 5,000 free men set up a state legislature
b) General Arthur St. Clair became Governor
c) Congress Voted to make Ohio a state
d) 60,000 free people lived in the territory

What are the three Local Types of Government?
a) Cities, Towns, Villages,
b) Townships, Cities, Counties
c) Countries, Settlements, Cities
d) None of the above

What is the first stage of Ohio Government?
a) Settlers elected a governor
b) State Legislature was set up
c) Captian Willian Henry Harrison became the first Governor of Ohio
d) General Arthur St. Clair became the first Governor of Ohio

Why did people want to settle by Forts?
a) To have food and water
b) To have protection from the Indians
c) To learn how to survive
d) To go to schools

What was the responsibility of the soldiers who came to Ohio first?
a) To keep peace between the Indians and the Settlers
b) To fight the Indians for the Land
c) To hunt the animals that lived in the forest
d) To build homes for the comming settlers

Which of the following was NOT a reason people wanted to move to Ohio?
a) The soil was rich and fertile for farming
b) The Indians welcomed new settlers warmly
c) There were many trees that were used for building
d) There were many trees that were used for building

Who Wanted to move to Ohio?
a) People from Germany
b) The French
c) The Western States
d) The New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern States

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