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Backstage view includes a __________ in the Print dialog box so you can preview your workbook as you choose Print options.
a) Print Preview pane
b) Print Options pane
c) Set Print Area pane
d) Navigation pane

You can use the Print options in ________ view to print only a selected portion, or print area, of an Excel workbook.
a) Navigation
b) Backstage
c) Print Options
d) Print Preview

Which of the following appears when you first launch Excel?
a) Properties dialog box
b) blank workbook
c) Open dialog box
d) last saved workbook

Which of the following is not a command tab on the Ribbon?
a) Home
b) Close
c) Insert
d) View

What are worksheets composed of?
a) vertical cells and horizontal columns
b) vertical rows and horizontal columns
c) horizontal cells and vertical columns
d) horizontal rows and vertical columns

Which of the following will display the Open dialog box?
a) clicking the Status box
b) Ctrl + Tab
c) Ctrl + O
d) Ctrl + Home

Where does the information you key into a worksheet appear?
a) on the Status bar
b) in the name box
c) in the active cell
d) on the title bar

Which of these commands can be accessed by clicking the File tab?
a) Split
b) Undo
c) New Window
d) Close

Which of the following will make A1 the active cell?
a) Key A1 into the currently active cell
b) Right-click the currently active cell and click Home.
c) Press Ctrl + Home
d) Press Shift + Home

What happends if you key text that is longer than the width of a cell?
a) The text extends into the next cell.
b) The cell is left blank.
c) The extra text is cut off.
d) None of the text is displayed, but it is still stored in the cell.

What happens when you click Split on the View tab?
a) The current workshet is divided into an upper half and a lower half
b) The current worksheet is divided into four quadrants.
c) The current workbook is closed.
d) A new window is opened.

You can navigate Excel using ______________.
a) the name box
b) the mouse
c) the arrow keys
d) all of the other answers.

To open new windows in Excel you use the _________ tab.
a) Format
b) Insert
c) View
d) Home

Depressing and holding the Alt key will display the _________ on the Ribbon.
a) Navigation
b) KeyTips
c) Hints
d) Tool tips

The split command enables you to overcome this limitation by viewing the worksheet in _________________quadrants
a) six
b) seven
c) five
d) four

An Excel worksheet can contain more than ___________ rows.
a) 1,000
b) 10,000
c) 100,000
d) 1,000,000

Which tab allows you to control the appearance of the documents, open new windows, and split windows for side-by-side document views.
a) View
b) Page Layout
c) Review
d) Insert

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