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Multiple functions with the same name but different parameter types and/or different number of parameters are called:
a) Overloaded
b) Overridden
c) Overachieving
d) Overunder

Which of these is not an overloaded function by the name of mouse?
a) int muose (int, string)
b) int mouse (int, int)
c) int mouse (int, char)
d) int mouse (string, int)

Which of the following is one difference between overloaded functions?
a) A different number of parameters
b) A different name
c) A different set of parameter names
d) A different set of

A search that progresses sequentially through a structure such as an array is called:
a) Linear search
b) Binary search
c) Search
d) Progressive search

A search that splits a sorted structure (array) in the middle and then compares to see if a value is higher or lower is called:
a) Binary search
b) Linear search
c) Search
d) Progressive search

Which of the following is NOT an iterative (sequential) sorting algorithm?
a) Merge
b) Selection
c) Bubble

Which of the following is NOT a recursive sorting algorithm?
a) Selection
b) Merge
c) Quick
d) Heap

A multidimensional array defined as array(4)(5)(6) has how many elements?
a) 120
b) 15
c) 26
d) 240

Which of the following will have 42 elements?
a) array(2)(3)(7)
b) array(6)(8)
c) array(20)(20)(2)
d) array(10)(10)(2)

Anything you can do to an array can be done to a multidimensional array.
a) True
b) False

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