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1) Which is not one of the three basic skills you need for a job?
a) reading
b) math
c) speaking
d) game playing

How do we use math in the coffee shop?
a) drinking the coffee
b) adding money
c) reading the orders

4) To find out about vocations talk to a
a) Guidance counselor
b) paly guitar
c) dream of it

The yellow pages
a) Gives amount of paychecks
b) Tells numbers of vocational schools
c) Gives you a job

Vocational courses are taught in
a) churches
b) The Mall
c) Community or trade schools

A vocation is
a) job benefits
b) career
c) income you can rely on

Reliable income is pay that you can
a) income you can rely on
b) Get once in a while
c) You don't need money

What does AA stand for?
a) associates degree
b) Answers of Arts
c) Animals Aardvarks

10) How long is community college?
a) 4 years
b) 6 months
c) 2 years

Wages are another name for
a) vacations
b) salary
c) benefits

12) True or false community college can help you prepare for jobs?
a) true
b) false

14) Which is an example of a trade?
a) true
b) false

13) True or false it costs more to go to a community college than it does a 4 year college?_
a) skipping
b) professional wrestler
c) plumber

15) A skilled worker is called a?
a) journeyman
b) banker
c) expert

16) An example of a benefit is?
a) health insurance
b) money
c) raise

17) Erica go paid $10.00 an hour for the first week of her apprenticeship. She worded for 25 hours. How much did she make that week?
a) $150
b) $250
c) $100

18) If you don’t have a high school diploma, you need to get a
a) NCA
b) MBA
c) GED

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