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A stand holds two white balls. At the same instant the ball one ball is dropped straight down, the other ball is shot straight out. Which ball will hit the ground first? (Neglect Air resistance)
a) The dropped ball.
b) The shot ball.
c) Both hit at the same time.
d) None of the above.

A small cart is pushed to the left. After it goes a foot or two, a small ball is shot straight up out of the cart. The cart always moves at a constant speed throughout. Where will the ball land? (Neglect Air resistance)
a) In front of the cart.
b) In the cart.
c) Behind the cart.
d) None of the above.

Alex drops a ball from rest from the top of 100-meter high cliff. How much time will it take for the ball to reach the ground?
a) 20.41 s
b) 490 s
c) 0.22 s
d) 4.52 s

A cannonball is launched horizontally from the top of an 78.4-meter high cliff. How much time will it take for the ball to reach the ground?
a) 1 s
b) 4 s
c) 3 s
d) 2 s

Which angle produces the greatest range?
a) 30 degrees
b) 75 degrees
c) 60 degrees
d) 45 degrees

Which two angles will produce the same range?
a) 35 and 65 degrees
b) 40 and 60 degrees
c) 30 and 60 degrees
d) 45 and 15 degrees

Consider a plane moving with a constant speed at an elevated height above the Earth\'s surface. In the course of its flight, the plane drops a package from its luggage compartment. Where will it land with respect to the plane?
a) In front of the plane.
b) Directly below the plane.
c) Behind the plane.
d) None of the above.

Supposing a snowmobile is equipped with a flare launcher which is capable of launching a sphere vertically (relative to the snowmobile). If the snowmobile is in motion and launches the flare and maintains a constant horizontal velocity after the laun
a) In front of the snowmobile.
b) In the snowmobile.
c) Behind the snowmobile.
d) None of the above.

What factor(s) affect how far a projectile will land?
a) angle
b) Both angle and initial velocity
c) initial velocity
d) None of the above affect how far a projectile will land.

A monkey throws a banana horizontally from the top of a tree. The banana hits the ground 4 seconds later and lands 80 meters from the base of the tree. How fast did the monkey throw the banana?
a) 10.47 m/s
b) 20 m/s
c) 0.05 m/s
d) 320 m/s

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