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3. _____ are distinct groups of people who share certain statistics.
a) Market segments
b) Business mixes
c) Demographics
d) Market mixes

5. Establishing one-to-one relationships with your customers is called _____.
a) personalization
b) promotion
c) virtual marketing
d) market segmentation

1. The process of planning and carrying out the production, distribution, promotion, and pricing of products and services is called _____.
a) marketing
b) marketing mix
c) the business model
d) management

19. Which of the following is not including when determining the quality of a product?
a) weight
b) aesthetic features
c) reliability
d) durability

17. Secondary research is not gathered from which of the following?
a) broadcast media
b) literature
c) publications
d) Bank accounts

13. A product's price should include all of the following except?
a) marketing
b) packaging
c) manufacturing
d) food

15. Which of the following is not one of the four P's that make up the marketing mix?
a) price
b) product
c) place
d) people

11. __________ groups people by measurable statistics such as income, age or gender.
a) product benefits
b) demographically
c) geographically
d) psychographically

9. The information recorded in most server logs is called _____.
a) marketing data
b) meta data
c) beta data
d) clickstream data

7. _____ is based on the principle that the potential customer has agreed to receive marketing messages about a product or service.
a) Personal marketing
b) Permission marketing
c) Virtual marketing
d) Market segmentation

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