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An extension of the cytoplasm used for movement in some organisms.
a) Pseudopod
b) Capsid
c) Flagellum
d) Cilia

Algae is an example of which type of Protist?
a) Plant-like Protist
b) Animal-like Protist
c) Fungus-like Protist

A particle consisting of DNA in a protein coat that must inject its DNA into a living cell in order to reproduce.
a) Virus
b) Microbe
c) Bacteria
d) Protist

Which of the following do we use to describe very small organisms?
a) Microbes
b) Microorganisms
c) Microscopic
d) All of the above.

This microorganism has two main parts, a protein coat and genetic material.
a) Bacteria
b) Diatom
c) Protist
d) Virus

These live off of others, usually a host.
a) Parasite
b) Bacteria
c) Protist
d) Flagellum

Either unicellular or multi-cellular organism containing membrane-bound organelles and genetic material within a nucleus.
a) Eukaryote
b) Microbe
c) Prokaryote
d) Parasite

A short hair-like part used for motion
a) Pseudopod
b) Eyespot
c) Cilia
d) Flagellum

Unicellular organisms that lack membrane-bound organelles
a) Amoeba
b) Bacteria
c) Protist
d) Virus

Why is a virus considered non-living?
a) It has to depend on a host to live
b) It doesn't breathe
c) It doesn't eat food
d) It is not considered non-living, it is living.

A whip-like structure that aids with movement.
a) Flagellum
b) Cilia
c) Pseudopod
d) Capsid

A unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus and membrane-bound organelle.
a) Prokaryote
b) Protist
c) Eukaryote
d) Microbe

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