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Which of these is not considered a valid operator?
a) AND
b) II
c) ++
d) *

Which of these does not allow for multiple paths in a program?
c) IF

Which of these is typically not a part of a class?
a) Structures
b) Member variables
c) Member functions
d) Constructors

Which of these allows for multiple values of the same type to be stored under one name?
a) Array
b) Class
c) Variable
d) Function

Which library allows the use of files?
a) fstream
b) iostream
c) file
d) inputoutput

A function that calls itself over and over again until a certain condition is met is called:
a) Recursive
b) Infinite
c) Static
d) Virtual

Recursive functions can take the place of which of the following?
a) Loops (For, While, Do-While)
b) Functions
c) Classes
d) Control statements (IF-ELSE, Switch)

The first time a recursive function is activated is called the:
a) Base case
b) Recursive case
c) Virtual case
d) Switch case

Every object in the world can be represented via:
a) Classes
b) Functions
c) Variables
d) Structures

Which of these stops a recursive function and begins its return?
a) Control case
b) Stop case
c) Switch case
d) Base case

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