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Breakfast is to lunch as morning is to
a) afternoon
b) sunrise
c) midnight
d) weekend

Glove is to hand as boot is to
a) foot
b) ankle
c) arm
d) face

a) began again
b) read over
c) worked quietly
d) stopped completely

a) journey
b) caravan
c) vacation
d) short trip

a) fit to eat
b) hard to find
c) easy to grow
d) pretty to look at

a) something that keeps out unwanted things
b) something that is bought at a store
c) something that is used to dig holes
d) something that is described in detail

a) a large area of open land
b) a tool for measuring distance
c) an original entrance to a building
d) a star in the nigh sky

Small is to tiny as large is to
a) huge
b) short
c) wide
d) light

Ear is to hear as mouth is to
a) taste
b) feel
c) listen
d) smell

Soap is to clean as mud is to
a) dirty
b) earth
c) rocks
d) water

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