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consider The detective will consider all of the facts before drawing a conclusion.
a) study
b) believe
c) hold
d) judge

hail I heard that our new neighbors hail from Scotland.
a) come
b) cheer
c) greet
d) name

goal The player scored 6 points by reaching the goal.
a) target
b) aim
c) plan
d) dream

a) walk
b) sleep
c) measure
d) life

a) certainly
b) desperately
c) hardly
d) probably

a) the state of being saved from harm
b) the state of taking a nap
c) the state of playing a game
d) the state of beinng taken on a journey

a) flow
b) dry
c) stir
d) throb

a) easily understood
b) barely known
c) quickly dismissed
d) slowly recongnized

subject Reading is Debbie's favorite subject in school.
a) class
b) case
c) chapter
d) customer

appeal Brad will appeal to his parents to go on the camping trip.
a) beg
b) plea
c) charm
d) attract

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