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In the expression like dissolves like, the word like refers to similarity in molecular
a) mass
b) size
c) energy
d) polarity

A substance that is NOT soluble in a polar solvent is
a) nonpolar
b) ionic
c) polar
d) hydrogen bond

Which of the following is miscible in oil?
a) food coloring
b) water
c) iodine
d) all of these

Sugar is soluble in water because sugar molecules are
a) massive
b) small
c) nonpolar
d) polar

Two immiscible substances are
a) water and oil
b) water and salt
c) water and food coloring
d) water and sugar

When water is used as a solvent, it is called
a) diffusion
b) effusion
c) hydration
d) non-polar bonding

When water gets trapped inside a crystal, it is called a(n)
a) hydrate
b) ion
c) immiscible substance
d) non-polar substance

Describe a liquid in terms of volume and shape.
a) A definite volume and shape
b) No definite volume and shape
c) A definite volume and no definite shape
d) A definite volume and takes the shape of its container

Evaporation is
a) the process by which a liquid or solid changes to a gas
b) The process by which particles escape from the surface of a nonboiling liquid and enter the gas state
c) The attraction of the surface of a liquid to the surfaces of a solid
d) A force that pulls adjacent parts of a liquid’s surface together

What type of bond is formed between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in a water molecule?
a) hydrogen
b) covalent
c) polar
d) polar-covalent

Why is solid water relatively less dense than liquid water?
a) When water freezes, the molecules form a hexagonal arrangement
b) There are a lot of empty spaces in between the molecules of ice
c) The molecules in liquid water are packed closer together than in solid water
d) All of the above

Why does water have such a relatively high boiling point?
a) Because of the strong polar-covalent bonds between oxygen and hydrogen atoms
b) Because of its surface tension
c) Because of the strong hydrogen bonds between water molecules
d) None of the above

What is the difference between a homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture?
a) Homogeneous looks different throughout and heterogeneous looks the same throughout
b) Homogeneous looks the same throughout and heterogeneous looks different throughout
c) Homogenous are made up of the same materials throughout and heterogeneous are made up of different materials throughout
d) Homogeneous feel the same throughout and heterogeneous feel different throughout

What is a mixture?
a) a combination of two or more pure substances
b) a combination of two or more impure substances
c) anything made up of more than one thing
d) a liquid combination of many liquids

Which of the following is an example of an emulsion?
a) Mayonnaise
b) Soil and Water
c) Oil and Vinegar
d) Salt and Water

What is a mixture with solid particles suspended within a liquid or gas?
a) Colloidal dispersion
b) Suspension
c) Solution
d) Emulsion

What type of mixture is a salt and water mixture?
a) emulsion
b) suspension
c) solution
d) colloidal dispersion

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