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15. Which term refers to cell division in eukaryotic cells?
a) chromatin
b) cell transformation
c) mitosis
d) binary fission

13. During which phase of the cell cycle does the cell continue to grow and prepare for the separation of chromosomes?
a) M phase
b) S phase
c) G1 phase
d) G2 phase

14. During which phase of mitosis do chromosomes line up at the spindle equator?
a) anaphase
b) metaphase
c) telophase
d) prophase

12. Which of these lists organizes the phases of mitosis in order from first to last?
a) prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
b) prophase, anaphase, telophase, metaphase
c) metaphase, prophase, telophase, anaphase
d) metaphase, anaphase, prophase, telophase

11. Which of these stages is NOT part of interphase?
a) G1
b) S
c) G2
d) M

10. During which phase of mitosis do the new nuclear membranes start forming?
a) anaphase
b) metaphase
c) telophase
d) prophase

9. In what process does a parent cell split into two or more daughter cells?
a) cell division
b) cell metabolism
c) cell transformation
d) cell synthesis

6. Tumors reroute ________ to continue growing.
a) nutrients
b) chromosomes
c) oxygen
d) water

7. In eukaryotic cells, chromatin is packaged in what structures?
a) plasmids
b) chromosomes
c) microtubules
d) spindles

8. Which of these terms refers to tissue that forms from abnormal cell division?
a) genome
b) telomerase
c) tumor
d) mitosis

5. During which process in the cell cycle do prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase occur?
a) Gap 1 phase
b) Gap 2 phase
c) Synthesis phase
d) Mitosis phase

4. During which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?
a) G1 phase
b) G2 phase
c) S phase
d) M phase

3. During mitosis, what splits during anaphase?
a) chromatids
b) spindle fibers
c) centromeres
d) nuclear membranes

2. Which term refers to cell division in prokaryotic cells?
a) mitosis
b) chromatin
c) cell transformation
d) binary fission

1. _____________ is made up of four phases: G1 phase, S phase, G2 phase, and M phase.
a) binary fission
b) the cell cycle
c) cell transformation
d) interphase

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