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Cutting shorter lengths within the haircut to reduce bulk, create support, and increase mobility is:
a) Texturizing
b) Sectioning
c) Chopping
d) Snaking

How do you achieve an under-bevel?
a) Shear position
b) Tilt client's head forward
c) Lift hair with comb
d) Use the razor

Using the short strokes with the razor on the ends of the hair has what effect?
a) Adds weight
b) Creates a blunt effect
c) Reduces weight
d) Is not recommended

What type of line does the shear create?
a) Blunt
b) Choppy
c) Soft
d) Wavy

When the fingers/comb are positioned unequally away from the parting, you are:
a) Texturizing
b) Free handing
c) Parallel finger and shear position
d) Unparallel finger and shear position

What could you do in a long layer to create a thicker baseline, for example if your client has thin hair?
a) Make a longer baseline
b) Lift hair at a higher angle
c) Omit the first 90/90 section
d) Wet the hair more

If you wanted to maintain length at the front of a short layer cut, where would you switch to a stationary guide?
a) Crown
b) Fringe
c) Occipital
d) Back of the ear

What is outlining?
a) Defining the perimeter
b) Reducing weight
c) Cutting a square form
d) Making the top shorter

Which type of hair can be texturized closest to the scalp?
a) Coarse
b) Fine
c) Curly
d) Long

Form is.....
a) A shape
b) Not important
c) Two dimensional
d) The foundation of every haircut

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