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What is Iraq's main sport?
a) Wrestling
b) Football
c) Soccer
d) Basketball

What animals live in Iraq?
a) Rodents
b) Snakes
c) Hedgehogs
d) All of the above

Where is Iraq?
a) Eastern Asia
b) Southern Asia
c) Northern Asia
d) Western Asia

How many wars involved Iraq?
a) 19
b) 16
c) 13
d) 4

What is their weapon technology?
a) Explosive weapons
b) Chemical weapons
c) Nuclear Weapons
d) All of the above

What is Iraq's climate like?
a) Hot and dry
b) Wet
c) Cold and frigid
d) Humid

What's Iraq's government?
a) Republic
b) Dictatorship
c) Parliamentary democracy
d) Monarchy

What languages are in Iraq?
a) French
b) Enlish
c) Spanish
d) Arabic

What kind of food is in Iraq?
a) Onions
b) Spinach
c) Eggplant
d) All of the above

What is Iraq's main religion?
a) Shia
b) Sunni
c) Muslim
d) Christain

What is Iraq's capital?
a) Baghdad
b) China
c) Washington
d) Maysan

What’s Iraq's transportation?
a) Bikes
b) Boats
c) Cars
d) All of the above

What clothes do people in Iraq wear?
a) Monkey's
b) Regular clothes like americans
c) Zeebras
d) Horses

What is Iraq's Population?
a) 234,324,43
b) 23,434
c) 23,234,234
d) 28,221,180

Which natural disaster didn't happen in Iraq?
a) Earthquake
b) Tornado
c) Drought
d) Floods

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