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What steps has Sweden's government taken to control the national debt?
a) It reduced the number of government workers
b) It lowered taxes to stimulate the economy
c) It increased government spending to stimulate the economy.
d) It raised taxes and cut spending.

Southern Italy's economy is based on
a) manufacturing.
b) agriculture.
c) mining.
d) tourism.

Northern Italy's economy is based on
a) manufacturing.
b) agriculture.
c) mining.
d) tourism.

What is the Vatican?
a) a city.
b) an independent country
c) the world headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church
d) all of the above

After Germany reunited, the capital was moved to
a) Bonn.
b) Berlin.
c) Munich.
d) Hamburg.

What does the expression from the 1800s, The sun never sets on the British Empire mean?
a) During this time, the English navy ruled the seas.
b) Most English people worked in foreign countries.
c) Britain was the richest country in the world and the center of world power.
d) Britain had colonies on six continents.

How can Sweden's businesses help solve Sweden's economic problems?
a) They can export jobs to countries where wages and benefits are lower.
b) They can hire immigrant workers who do not qualify for benefits.
c) They can switch from hydroelectricity to fossil fuels for power.
d) They can increase efficiency so that the businesses are more profitable.

1. What style of art and architecture developed in and around Paris in the 1100s?
a) Gothic
b) Romanesque
c) Renaissance
d) New Look

What kind of welfare system does Sweden have?
a) It helps only those whoa re in great need.
b) It is based on the Social Security system in the United States.
c) It helps everyone.
d) It only covers health care.

In the late 1800s, the regions of Italy
a) divided into separate countries.
b) united into one nation.
c) united into one nation, but each region kept its own language.
d) united to form the Holy Roman Empire.

How did the British Empire help Britain become an economic power?
a) by providing slaves to work in British factories
b) by providing a market for goods produced in British factories
c) by buying raw materials produced in Britain
d) by protecting Britain from foreign invasion

What is the purpose of the French Academy?
a) to coordinate the French educational system
b) to teach French to immigrants
c) to publish dictionaries showing how the French language should be used
d) to support French scholars and maintain French museums

What was the immediate cause of World War II?
a) the Holocaust
b) Hitler's takeover as dictator of Germany
c) Germany's attacks on neighboring countries
d) the reunification of Germany

What was one of the effects World War I had on Germany?
a) The country was divided into two parts.
b) The German economy collapsed.
c) The capital of Germany was moved to Bonn.
d) The Berlin Wall was built.

In the 1950s, where did most of Frances's immigrants come from?
a) Eastern Europe
b) Algeria
c) Southeast Asia
d) the Middle East

The government of the United Kingdom is a(n
a) absolute monarchy.
b) constitutional monarchy.
c) democracy.
d) republic.

What changes have taken place in the former East Germany since reunification?
a) State-owned factories have been sold to private companies.
b) Toxic waste sites have been cleaned up.
c) Factories and businesses have been modernized.
d) all of the above

Which of the following was a French composer whose music was inspired by French Impressionist artists?
a) Jacques-Louis David
b) Claude Debussy
c) Eugène Delacroix
d) Alexandre Dumas

What is one of the government benefits for all Swedish workers?
a) five weeks total of paid vacation and sick leave a year
b) five weeks of paid vacation a year
c) shorter workdays in the winter
d) shorter workdays in the summer

Which of the following regions is NOT part of the United Kingdom?
a) Northern Ireland
b) Republic of Ireland
c) Wales
d) All of these are part of the United Kingdom.

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