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Where are we going on our May 14th field trip?
a) Washington Lake Park
b) Bunker Hill Middle School
c) Disney World
d) Bethel Mill Park

What was our natural disaster unit called?
a) Ready To Rumble
b) Shake, Rattle and Roll
c) Severe Storm Stories
d) Natural Disasters

What is the name of our Team?
a) Survivors
b) Victors
c) Panthers
d) Explorers

What percent of DNA do we share with bananas?
a) 50%
b) 1%
c) 100%
d) 0%

What book are we currently learning in science?
a) Cells, Heredity and Classification
b) Inside the Restless Earth
c) Weather and Climate
d) Animals

If I do something special in science, I may be told to pick one of these.
a) A sunny day
b) A special pencil
c) A cash award
d) A new seat

Tonight's event is called this.
a) Pride of the Valley
b) Panther Stars
c) Ready to Rumble
d) Rally at the Valley

What is our state tree?
a) Red Oak
b) Maple
c) Elm
d) River Birch

What is our state bird?
a) Gold Finch
b) Blue Jay
c) Hummingbird
d) Red Robin

What is our school mascot?
a) Panther
b) Couger
c) Owl
d) Cheetah

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