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a) uses the engineering design process
b) is the creative application of ideas to generate new products and systems.
c) often must work within design criteria and constraints
d) All of these

The field of Biotechnology
a) is responsible for creating robotic devices
b) applies the principles of biology to create commercial products
c) an important part of communications
d) is responsible for taking mechanical things apart

A three dimensional representation is
a) a drawing produced on the computer.
b) a model, often a prototype
c) a drawing with an x and y axis
d) a finished product

Symbols, drawings and measurement
a) brainstorm ideas for a design
b) provide a common language in which to express ideas
c) are used in the distribution of a product for sale
d) are only used if communication about the product is unclear

Which of the following is not an outcome of using chemical technologies
a) polyethylene
b) Kevlar
c) gypsum
d) Nylon

Marketing involves
a) Informing the public
b) Sales
c) distribution
d) All of these

Troubleshooting is:
a) Eliminating a problem in a system
b) A systematic method of finding a problem in a system
c) Never necessary if the design is perfect
d) Repairing a malfunction in a system.

Recording of data collected on an experiment or test is best done using:
a) a four function calculator
b) pencil and paper
c) a spreadsheet
d) a graphics program

An example of a design constraint is:
a) Materials that can be used
b) Testing
c) Benchmarks
d) Controls

Design criteria define:
a) constraints
b) what the product should be able to do
c) how to do market research
d) all of the these

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