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Pictures that are taken from an unusual angle or point of view, which can create a dramatic photograph is this point of view.
a) Atypical
b) Normal
c) Balance
d) Smooth

This refers to the size of an object in relationship to another object.
a) Scale
b) Composition
c) Balance
d) Heigth

A Mandala is
a) A Circular reapeating design
b) Nothing
c) a desing that doesn't repeate
d) A picture

This refers to the relative size of the parts as a whole.
a) Scale
b) Proportion
c) Rule of Thirds
d) Focal Point

Lines that lead the viewers eyes into a picture are
a) Thick
b) Balance
c) Composition
d) Leading

This is the term used for the arrangements of the elements in or the subject matter of a painting
a) Creating
b) Balance
c) Focal Point
d) Composition

When designing any type of magazine or flyer it is best to think about your
a) All Of the Above
b) Having Bright fun colors to get your readers attention
c) space, and using it wisely
d) easy to read text with a lot of contrast

Photographs that represent reality mainly as patterns and/or shapes and not as recognizable objects.
a) Natural
b) Abstraction
c) Fuzzy
d) Focal Point

A picture of land, countryside, mountains or fields is classified as a
a) Photography
b) Nature Study
c) Cityscape
d) Landscape

What kind of balance happens when all of the elements radiate out from the center point?
a) Line Balance
b) Ciricle Balance
c) Radial Balanace
d) Symmetrical Balance

A low point of view is when you
a) Take a picture looking straight
b) Take a picture from looking up
c) Taking a picture upside down
d) take pictures from above looking down

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