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A set of rules created by a school or business that explains the rules of behavior that must be followed by anyone using technology equipment.
a) Program Ageement
b) Appropriate Use Policy
c) Acceptable Use Policy
d) User Agreement

 Information entered into the computer to be processed that consists of text, numbers, sounds, and images.
a) Information
b) Technology
c) Input
d) Data

A very common port for attaching peripherals such as scanners, digital cameras and printers.
a) Exchange Serial Port
b) United Bus
c) Utility Bush
d) Universal Serial Bus

A built-in formula included in most spreadsheet programs that makes it easy for you to perform common calculations.
a) Code
b) Equation
c) Function
d) Solution

A computer program that retrieves documents, files, or data from a database or from a computer network (especially from the internet)
a) Internet Page
b) Website
c) Search Engine
d) Bookmark

Electronic standards of conduct or rules.
a) Code of Conduct
b) Digital Etiquette
c) Internet Bylaws
d) Netiquette

URL, or the address of a web page on the world wide web, stands for:
a) United Research Label
b) Uniform Resource Locator
c) Universal response Location
d) Undescided

Computer software that is designed to collect personal info about users without their informed consent.
a) Spam
b) Anitvirius
c) Spyware
d) Software

When someone uses another persons information over the internet without permission.
a) Impersonation
b) Identify Fraud
c) Name Sharing
d) Identify Theft

This file contains a worksheet which has the file extension .xlsx or. xls.
a) Notebook
b) Publisher
c) Workbook
d) Template

Hardware and/or software that guards a private network by analyzing the information leaving and entering the network..
a) Alarm Zone
b) Protection Center
c) Hardwall
d) Firewall

In Word, this presents the most accurate view of how your document will look when printed, displaying the entire page on screen at once.
a) Noraml View
b) Print Layout
c) Outline View
d) Print Preview

 Using the mouse, which of the following options will select a sentence?
a) Triple-click anywhere in the sentence.
b) Hold down the Ctrl key and click in the sentence.
c) Shift-Click
d) Double-Click in the left margin of the sentence

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