Preschool Prep 8 Question Preview (ID: 1800)

A Review Of Preschool Teaching.[print questions]

A method of creating a lot of ideas in a short period of time and expanding your thinking is called?
a) reading
b) teaming
c) developing
d) brainstorming

To honor and respect my vocation in such a way as to bring repute to myself is part of the SkillsUSA?
a) motto
b) theme
c) pledge
d) creed

I believe in the American way of life is part of the SkillsUSA?
a) motto
b) theme
c) pledge
d) creed

If there is no second to a motion, the motion is said to be?
a) passed
b) tabled
c) lost
d) forgotten

When you speak or meet other people, you should?
a) make the best possible impression
b) take the initiative to introduce yourself
c) use good manners
d) all of the above

Children's separation anxieties should be
a) ignored
b) discussed with a psychiatrist
c) resolved quickly between parents and teachers
d) considered common and will usually improve with time

Games appropriate for preschool age children usually
a) are less competitive
b) have more rules
c) should be of long duration
d) take over two hours to learn/play

A contructive way of helping a chills calm down is to
a) provide water play
b) give simple worksheets
c) allow the child to hit the caregiver
d) force the child to talk

Children who receive love and affection from caregivers
a) have a more positive social and emotional development
b) are more demanding for attention
c) may become spoiled
d) will show no benefit over other children

A benefit of allowing a three-year old to pour his/her own juice is
a) the caregiver has more free time
b) there will be less waste
c) the child develops a positive self-concept
d) there will be less contamination

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