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____ is what you hear as the quality of sound.
a) timbre
b) pitch
c) intensity
d) frequency

Loudness is how the ear perceives
a) frequency
b) pitch
c) amplitude
d) intensity

Sound travels ________ in air than in water
a) faster
b) slower
c) louder
d) softer

Sound does not travel through
a) wooden doors
b) steel rails
c) outer space
d) water

The Doppler effect causes an apparent change in
a) resonance
b) loudness
c) intensity
d) pitch

Beats result from:
a) diffraction
b) reflection
c) interference
d) refraction

The hammer, anvil, and stirrup are in the:
a) inner ear
b) outer ear
c) middle ear
d) cochlea

Sonar is used to find:
a) distance
b) speed
c) angle of reflection
d) time

The ____ ear contains the cochlea.
a) outer
b) inner
c) middle
d) stirrup

The system of using sound to measure distance is called:
a) acoustics
b) timbre
c) seismographs
d) sonar

A disturbance that travels through a medium as a longitudinal wave is
a) music
b) sonar
c) noise
d) sound

How well particular sounds can be heard in a particular room or hall is:
a) intensity
b) pitch
c) acoustics
d) dissonance

Sound produced when notes that have no musical relationship are played together is:
a) dissonance
b) acoustics
c) intensity
d) pitch

Quality of the sound you hear
a) acoustics
b) pitch
c) timbre
d) decibels

Amount of energy the wave carries per second through a unit area is
a) sonar
b) noise
c) intensity
d) ultrasound

How high or low the sound seems to a person
a) timbre
b) pitch
c) intensity
d) dissonance

Apparent change in frequency as a wave source moves in relation to a listener is
a) pitch
b) sonar
c) Doppler effect
d) decibels

Sound waves with frequencies above normal human range of hearing are
a) infrasound
b) ultrasound
c) intersound
d) acoustics

A mixture of sound waves that don't sound pleasing together
a) music
b) sound
c) elasticity
d) noise

System of detecting reflected sound waves
a) sonar
b) cochlea
c) intensity
d) Doppler effect

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