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Which sentence uses the word incorrectly? Is restless part of the definition for ARTLESS?
a) Frankie, an ARTLESS twelve-year-old in A member of the Wedding, expects to go with her brother/his wife of their honeymoon
b) The painter became restless when she had to remain ARTLESS during her long hospital treatment.
c) Although ARTLESS in knowledge of manners at home and ast school, Huckleberry Finn can distinguish between good and evil.
d) The ARTLESS smiles of babies are universally appealing.

Which sentence uses the word incorrectly? Are sound recordings pictographs?
a) Egyptian PICTOGRAPHS, called hieroglyphics, show everyday tasks such as wheat and barley harvesting, weaving and hunting.
b) Some characters used to write Chinese were originally PICTOGRAPHIC, but now they are stylized representations of objects.
c) The sound recording we made during a rafting trip has become a PICTOGRAPH.
d) Many of the brands Mexican herders use to identify horses were copied from Native American PICTOGRAPHS

Which sentence uses the word incorrectly? It's ARTIFICES not artifacts
a) Amateur detective Nancy Drew is notable for her ARTIFICE in finding clues.
b) Penelope promises to remarry when she completes her weaving but deceives her suitors by the ARTIFICE of unraveling it nightly
c) Through the ARTIFICE of disguise, Deborah was able to enlist as a private in the Revolutionary War.
d) The antique dealer displayed a collection of famous ARTIFICES in the shop window.

ANTONONYM annoyed by the PARODY
a) cartoon
b) imitation
c) lies
d) serious original work

ANTONYM an ARTLESS young journalist
a) ignorant
b) simple
c) deceitful
d) unskilled

ANTONYM an rhapsodic retelling of a movie plot
a) long-winded
b) excited
c) unenthusiastic
d) musical

Which sentence uses the word incorrectly? Hint: Can you persuade your parents with an incantation?
a) No amount of INCANTATION persuaded my parents to let me see my graduation present before the date. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?
b) The priestess uttered an INCANTATION to summon the Greek goddess Artemis.
c) As the fortune teller murmured an INCANTATION, we waited to learn our future.
d) The three witches in Macbeth chanted an INCANTATION

SYNONYM to DEPICT a bullfight
a) paint
b) attend
c) speak out against
d) photograph

SYNONYM to RECANT testimony in court
a) sing out
b) take back
c) agree with
d) repeat

SYNONYM the ARTIFICE of ancient Chinese painters
a) originality
b) lack of talent
c) imitation
d) beauty

SYNONYM inspired by the ODE
a) poem
b) story
c) strange writing
d) humorous verse

a) hieroglyphics
b) trick
c) magician
d) magic spell

a) truthful statement
b) poem
c) relic
d) skill

a) cartoonist
b) painter
c) craftsperson
d) storyteller

Which sentence uses the word incorrectly? Hint: Can the children recant something to learn?
a) The athlete refused to RECANT his claim that he had never used steroids.
b) The children RECANTED the song until they knew it by heart.
c) Sometimes witnesses in court cases RECANT their earlier testimony.
d) To try to save her life Joan of Arc RECANTED her assertion that divine voices guided her to save France.

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