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You can have intenet connection in every part of this building thanks to our ..... system.
a) wireless
b) attachment
c) account
d) inbox

It's been a long time since I installed my antivirus and now I must ..... it.
a) update
b) upload
c) reply
d) compose

A friend has sent you an e-mail including an attachment. In order to read it, you have to ..... it.
a) download
b) update
c) upload
d) remove

Inbox is .....
a) a document tray for e-mails you still haven't read.
b) an e-mail account to send and receive messages.
c) an internet service provider.
d) a network.

How do you call these symbols respectively? @ and .
a) at and dot
b) dot and at
c) pad and hash
d) hash and slash

When a document, message or folder is unwanted, you ..... it.
a) delete
b) send
c) download
d) save

I have just created a video and now I'm going to ..... it onto Youtube.
a) upload
b) download
c) install
d) reply

Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are .....
a) browsers.
b) attachments.
c) internet providers.
d) drafts.

It's my first time on this site. First I have to sign up, then I'll be able to .....
a) log on
b) reply
c) receive
d) delete

You mustn't forget your ..... to log on.
a) password
b) dot
c) attachment
d) inbox

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