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On what 2 charges did Axis leaders face trial after the war?
a) burning and torture of prisoners
b) aggressive war and crimes against humanity
c) pillaging and killing

What European country was liberated by the Allies in March 1945?
a) Italy
b) Japan
c) Germany

Of all the camps built by the Germans, this was the BIGGEST camps because it was a death camp, concentration camp, and labor camp in one place.
a) Buchenwald
b) Treblinka
c) Auschwitz

What is the definition for Blitzkrieg?
a) dogfight war
b) German supremacy
c) lightening war

In the BEGINNING of WWII, what 3 countries made up the Grand Alliance (Allies)?
a) USA, Japan, and Britain
b) France, Britain, and the USSR
c) Italy, Germany, and France

Which one of the three following groups were NOT victims of the Holocaust?
a) Japanese prisoners of war
b) homosexuals
c) lawyers, doctors, and other intelligent people in the communities

Who was the third nation to join the Axis Powers?
a) Germany
b) Japan
c) Soviet Union

Which of the following is one way Soviet women an important part of the war effort?
a) sniper
b) college professors
c) mess hall cook

Why did General Tojo oppose female employment in Japan?
a) Women did not know how to read and write…General Tojo thought they were too stupid to learn to fight
b) Women were to give birth to the next generation of Japanese soldiers
c) General Tojo wanted to save the women from seeing the cruelty of war

Under what policy did Great Britain and France allow Hitler to take the Sudetenland?
a) appeasement
b) rezoning
c) annexation

What was the “Turning Point” of WWII on the Pacific Front?
a) Battle of Okinawa
b) Battle of Iwo Jima
c) Battle of Midway

Why did the United States not enter the war until 1941?
a) the US was too busy selling goods to Mexico and Canada to get involved
b) the US was getting paid by the Germans to stay out of the war
c) the US was practicing a policy of isolationism

What was the name of the city that was hit by the 1st atomic weapon? President Truman ordered the bomb to be dropped in the hopes of saving American lives and ending the war sooner.
a) Tokyo
b) Berlin
c) Hiroshima

Operation Overlord was the code name given to this day. The Operation Overlord took place on June 6,1944 when ALLIED troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, France to take control of France away from the Germans.
a) VJ-Day
b) D-Day
c) VE-Day

Who did Hitler see as the greatest threat to his Aryan Empire?
a) gypsies
b) Soviets
c) Jews

What was the name of the US Naval Base that was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941?
a) Annapolis
b) Pearl Harbor
c) Pensacola

Who was the leader of the Nazi SS Guard for Hitler?
a) General Raulph Filligim
b) Heinrich Himmler
c) Benito Mussolini

What did the British develop to prepare for German air attacks?
a) radar system
b) missiles
c) satellites

What did the GERMANS call the decision to commit genocide to the Jews?
a) Killing of Israel
b) Final Solution
c) Holocaust

Where did Italy try to expand?
a) Yugoslavia
b) Ethiopia
c) Germany

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