Preschool Prep 7 Question Preview (ID: 1799)

A Review Of Preschool Teaching.[print questions]

When filling out an application, you should use a/an?
a) #2 pencil
b) ink pen with dark blue or black ink
c) crayon
d) dark blue or black marker

How many applications should you ask for?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

When a motion is made in a meeting, you
a) should begin to discuss it
b) should get up and leave is you don't like it
c) must vote on it immediately
d) need a second to discuss it

In a business meeting
a) each member has the right to express ideas
b) the decision of the majority must be followed
c) the rights of the minority are protected
d) all of the above

When greeting someone, you should use a
a) flaccid handshake
b) loose handshake
c) firm handshake
d) all of the above

Effective communication is
a) speaking
b) listening
c) both speaking and listening
d) none of the above

Which of the following does NOT belong in a portfolio?
a) photos or videos of your project
b) letters of recommendation
c) pictures of your vacation
d) all of the above

Which part of the SkillsUSA emblem represents the individual?
a) hands
b) flaming torch
c) shield

A collection of work representing education, self-development, and career information is called?
a) portfolio
b) resume
c) job application
d) scrap book

What is the written statement from a person in authority who acts as an endorsement of you positive attitude?
a) application
b) letter of reference
c) affidavit
d) portfolio

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