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The Midwest region has many lakes that were formed by
a) glaciers
b) water
c) wind
d) erosion

What river is known as the BIG MUDDY
a) Missouri River
b) Ohio River
c) Mississippi River
d) Grand River

Only the area near the _____ experiences lake effect weather.
a) Great Lakes
b) Wind Cave
c) Black Hills
d) prairies

What are landforms found in the Midwest
a) hills, lakes, badlands, rivers, prairies
b) mountains, beaches, river
c) glaciers, lakes, rivers
d) mountains, and glaciers

A plain covered by grasses is called a _______.
a) prairie
b) fertile
c) glacier
d) mountain

__________ soil is filled with vitamins and minerals that help plants grow
a) fertile
b) prairie
c) glacier
d) mountain

How many states are there in the Midwest Region?
a) 12
b) 10
c) 50
d) 1

Who explored the Wind Cave?
a) Alvin McDonald
b) Ronald McDonald
c) Alvin Chipmunk
d) Mr. Weh

What are badlands?
a) dry land chipped away by wind and water
b) land with bad soil
c) mountains formed by glaciers that melted
d) the area where the most caves were found

We live in the Midwest region.
a) true
b) false

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