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What did the Anti-Federalists support?
a) Adding a bill of rights to the Constitution
b) A strong central government
c) Less power for state governments
d) Government ruled by the elite

People who believed business leaders in the late 1800s were serving the nation postively called the business leaders:
a) Robber barons
b) Monopolizers
c) The Better Business Bureau
d) Captains of industry

Which event is typically considered the beginning of the Great Depression?
a) New Deal programs
b) WWI
c) Stock market crash

The Founding Fathers believed in the philosophy of John Locke, which said some rights are guaranteed to people by nature. This is known as:
a) Separation of powers
b) Checks and balances
c) Natural rights
d) Divine right of kings

Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 branches of government:
a) Legislative
b) Federal
c) Executive
d) Judicial

The idea that one branch of government can limit or control the power of another branch is known as:
a) Checks and balances
b) Separation of powers
c) Federalism
d) Veto power

Which founding document announced the U.S. separation from Britain?
a) Constitution
b) Bill of Rights
c) Articles of Confederation
d) Declaration of Independence

Another name for the word city is:
a) Urban
b) Suburban
c) Rural
d) Monopoly

What is it called when we have 3 branches of government with each branch having their own distinct powers?
a) Checks and balances
b) Federalism
c) Separation of powers
d) Consent of the governed

An addition or change made to the Constitution is known as a:
a) Veto
b) Repeal
c) Amendment
d) Revision

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