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Mr. Calloway
a) knew where Momma had gone, but refused to contact her
b) never made any attemp to find Momma
c) had not known where Momma was or anything about Bud
d) looked all over for her

Miss Thomas asked Bud to be patient with Mr. Calloway because he
a) was very hurt to learn that Momma had died
b) did not like to be with or talk to anyone when he was upset
c) was still angy with Momma
d) was angry at Bud for not trying to save Momma.

The things Bud had been carrying around in his suitcase weren't important anymore when he realized that
a) his grandfather was all he needed
b) Momma would want him to forget the past
c) he was carrying Momma inside of him.
d) none of the above

When he blew on the saxophone that the band gave him, Bud knew that squeaks and squawks were the sounds of
a) the newest member of the band
b) one door closing and another one opening
c) the funnier life he had always been looking for
d) all of the above

Sitting in Momma's room and looking at her picture, Bud said, Here we go again, Momma, only this time
a) I can't wait
b) I won't be alone
c) you can go with me
d) I'll be alright

What is the one thing Bud chooses to remember his mother by
a) a story book
b) a stone
c) her favorite piece of jewelry
d) a picture of her on a miniature horse

What details leads Bud to infer that the man on the blue flyer might be his father?
a) The man's name is Herman E. Calloway
b) Bud keeps the flyers with the special things in his suitcase
c) The man's face looks like Bud
d) Bud's mother was upset and jumpy about the flyer.

Which of the following was not one of the things Bud had for the first time when he visited the home of Mr. Lewis's daughter?
a) his first pair of trousers
b) his first taste of sausages
c) his first really good mean since Momma died

Mrs. Sleet's husband got to travel all over the country becasue he worked as
a) a railroad detective
b) as a pullman porter
c) The Workman Projects Administration from Washington
d) none of the above

Mr. Lewis said Herman E. Calloway was famous and he also mentioned
a) Bud's sister
b) that he had been sick for some years
c) changed the band's name often
d) he was a nice guy

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