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Herman E. Calloway had
a) been hard on Momma
b) always allowed Momma to have her own way
c) been so busy with the band, he hardly knew Momma existed
d) kicked her out of the house

Mr. Calloway was determined that Momma would
a) never marry a musician
b) go to college and become a teacher
c) not have to deal with the harsh realities of life
d) sing in the band

How does Mr. Calloway react to the news about his daughter
a) He is upset and cries
b) He is pleased that she had such a wonderful life
c) He immediately writes a song for her
d) He does not care one way or the other

The thing that stunned and reduced Herman E. Calloway to tears was when Bud
a) pulled Momma's picture from his suitcase
b) yelled Momma's name
c) crumpled the blue flyer and threw it
d) threw the rocks

When Bud said he had rocks with writing like the ones Herman E. Calloway had in his glove compartment, Mr. C.
a) ignored him
b) immediately accused him of stealing them the car
c) laughed and called him a stupid boy
d) was happy to see they had something in common

Why are the rocks important to Mr. Calloway
a) His daughter asked him to bring a rock from his trips
b) They are a record of when and where his jazz band performs
c) Both
d) Neither

Why does Mr. Calloway keep a white person as a member of his band?
a) Many people did not hire all white bands.
b) Many people did not hire all African American bands.
c) He wanted ethnic variety in the band.
d) He enjoyed

He owned The Log Cabin
a) Sleepy LaBone
b) Mr. Calloway
c) Deeds
d) Mr. Jimmy

Which of the following was not something that Bud thought when he heard the Dusky Devastotors of the Depression play?
a) He could see why they had six exclamation points after their name
b) thought they sounded like falling rain and splashing water, and Miss Thomas was the sun bursting through
c) Had never heard anything so loud and beautiful at the same time.
d) none of the above

It was thought that Momma had run off with
a) a man she met at The Log Cabin
b) The band's drummer
c) A lawyer from Chicago
d) just her suitcase

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