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The vocalist of the band
a) Deeds
b) Tyla
c) Grace Thomas
d) Angela Janet

Bud's favorite member of the band
a) Deeds
b) Mr. Jimmy
c) Steady Eddie
d) Mr. Calloway

Sitting in the Sweet Pea with Miss Thomas and the band, Bud felt he
a) Was in the right place with the right people
b) had mad a mistake by coming to Grand Rapids
c) was probably enjoying his last day of freedom
d) was going to have to runaway

During the laughter at the Sweet Pea, Bud
a) got a stomach ache from laughing so hard
b) was planning to runaway
c) broke down into uncontrollable sobbing
d) all of the above

In Bud's room at Mr. Calloway's house, there were
a) signs that a little dead girl was haunting it
b) pictures of horses cut from magazines and thumbtacked to the wall
c) a bed, two simple chairs, and no pictures
d) lots of toys and clothes for a boy his age.

Herman E. Calloway warned Bud not to go poking around
a) in the stuff behind the two little doors
b) the house
c) the stage where the band performed
d) the car

Mr. Calloway was
a) mean and hard to get along with
b) admired, well-liked, and respected by all
c) pleasant and happy
d) a jolly old elf

Bud's musician name
a) Steady Eddie
b) Sleepy LaBone
c) Clarence
d) Waterworks Willie

Gave Bud his musician nickname
a) Lefty Lewis
b) Mr. Jimmy
c) Miss Thomas
d) Steady Eddie

How does Bud get his nickname Mr. Sleepy LaBone
a) he has droopy eyes and likes to play the trombone
b) he sleeps a lot and likes to play the trombone
c) he is overly alert and likes to play dominoes
d) he sleeps a lot and is very skinny

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