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What  viewpoint  of  Adolf  Hitler  allowed  the  German  people  to  believe  it  was  right  to  kill  Jews  and  other  ethnic  minorities  in  Europe?
a) White Supremacy
b) German Nationality
c) Aryan Supremacy
d) Fascism

What  happened  on  September  1st,  1939  that  caused  Great  Britain   to  declare  war  on  Germany  starting  WWII?
a) Germany  invaded  Poland
b) Germany  sent  a  secret  telegram  to  Mexico
c) Germany  made  an  alliance  with  the  Soviet  Union
d) Germany  and  Italy  invaded  Africa

Which  event  of  World  War  II  marked  the  beginning  of  the  liberation  of  Western  Europe?
a) Battle of Stalingrad
b) Pearl Harbor
c) Battle of Britain
d) D-Day

Which  country  invaded  Poland  at  the  same  time  as  Germany?
a) France
b) Soviet Union
c) Japan
d) Italy

Which  battle  is  considered  the  turning  point  for  the  war  on  the  eastern  front  in  the   Soviet  Union?
a) Battle of Stalingrad
b) Battle of Lenningrad
c) Battle of Moscow
d) Second Battle of Kharkov

All  of  the  following  were  tactics  used  by  the  Nazi's  against  the  Jews  EXCEPT:
a) Boycott of Jewish stores.
b) Tax decreases for Jewish families.
c) The killing of Jewish people at Concentration Camps.
d) Segregation of Jewish people into Ghettos.

Which  of  the  following  cities  are  the  cities  of  the  atomic  bomb  droppings?
a) Hiroshima  and  Tokyo
b) Tokyo  and  Nagasaki
c) Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki
d) Osaka  and  Nigata

This  term  BEST  describes  prejudice  against  the  Jews.
a) Anti-Semitism
b) Final Solution
c) Holocaust
d) Genocide

Which naval  battle  resulted  in  a  victory  and  a  turning  point  for  the  United  States  troops  in   the  Pacific  Theater?
a) Bataan
b) Midway
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Guadalcanal

The  D-Day  invasion  was  directed  against  the  coastline  of —
a) Germany
b) Italy
c) France
d) England

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