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What  was  a  negative  result  of  World  War  II?
a) Internment of Japanese Americans
b) End of the Great Depression
c) Women became respected as factory workers
d) African Americans were more respected because of their work in defense plants and on the battlefields

All  of  the  following  were  conditions  in  Europe  following  WWI,  which  contributed  to  beginning  of  WWII  EXCEPT:
a) Massive Unemployment
b) High war debt owed by Germany
c) World Wide Depression
d) Low Inflation

What  did  the  United  States  government  encourage  women  to  do  when  the  United  States  entered  World  War  II?
a) Take industrial jobs
b) Spy on their German neighbors
c) Wait for their husbands at home
d) Increase their spending on consumer goods

By  the  end  of  1940  and  beginning  of  1941  in  an  attempt  to  help  Britain,  the  United  States  began  sending  it  supplies  through  the
a) New Deal
b) Marshal Plan
c) Berlin Airlift
d) Lend-Lease Act

Germany,  Japan,  and  Italy  were  all  part  of  what?
a) Central Powers
b) Axis Powers
c) Allied Powers
d) United Powers

What  caused  the  United  States  to  enter  World  War  II  in  December,  1941?
a) The  German  invasion  of  Poland
b) The  dropping  of  an  atomic  bomb
c) Japanese  attack  on  Pearl  Harbor
d) Reports  of  the  Holocaust  in  Germany

The  policy  of  avoiding  involvement  in  the  affairs  of  other  countries  is
a) imperialism
b) isolationism
c) nationalism
d) socialism

What  did  Hideki  Tojo,  Adolf  Hitler,  and  Benito  Mussolini  have  in  common?
a) They  established  dictatorships.
b) They  were  communists.
c) They  established  command-based  economies.
d) They  followed  racist  ideologies.

Which type  of  political  philosophy  gave  rise  to  dictators  with  total  power,  who  denied  other  individuals  freedoms?
a) Fascism
b) Anarchism
c) Communism
d) Socialism

Winston  Churchill  was  to  Great  Britain  as  Joseph  Stalin  was  to —
a) Italy
b) Japan
c) Germany
d) the Soviet Union

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