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Which is the best definition of kinetic energy?
a) Kinetic energy is potential energy.
b) Kinetic energy is the energy of motion
c) All forms of energy are kinetic energy.
d) Only living things can have kinetic energy.

Which is a decomposer?
a) mushroom
b) grass
c) cricket
d) fish

Which occurs when Earth is positioned directly between the Sun and the Moon, making the Moon appear red to observers on Earth?
a) a waxing moon
b) a solar eclipse
c) a full moon
d) a lunar eclipse

What benefit do wastes broken down by decomposers provide to grassland soil?
a) They improve soil fertility.
b) They decrease soil fertility.
c) They provide no benefit to soil.
d) They provide food for animals.

Which of the following is not a type of potential energy?
a) kinetic
b) gravitational
c) elastic
d) chemical

Light and sound are both types of what type of energy?
a) thermal
b) potential
c) elastic
d) radiant

What do we call the ability to cause change?
a) transformation
b) conservation
c) power
d) energy

What type of energy does a stretched spring have?
a) gravitational potential
b) elastic potential
c) light
d) thermal

A child goes down a slide. Where will she have the most kinetic energy?
a) at the top
b) 1/4 of the way down
c) 3/4 of the way down
d) at the bottom

What sort of energy would a toy on a high shelf have?
a) elastic potential
b) gravitational potential
c) kinetic
d) thermal

What is the energy of heat?
a) thermal
b) electrical
c) nuclear
d) gravitational potential

What sort of energy is generated from fission and fusion?
a) elastic potential
b) gravitational potential
c) kinetic
d) nuclear

What is the energy of motion?
a) electrical
b) potential
c) kinetic
d) nuclear

Anything that needs to be plugged in has what kind of energy?
a) thermal
b) electrical
c) nuclear
d) kinetic

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