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A simple machine that might be thought of as an inclined plane that moves is a
a) wedge
b) wheel and axle
c) pulley
d) lever

One example of a compound machine is a
a) bicycle
b) door
c) pliers
d) shovel

The ideal mechanical advantage for an inclined plane is equal to the length of the inclined plane divided by the
a) height of the inclined plane
b) mass of the incline
c) slope of the incline
d) angle of the incline

Which is the best scientific definition of a machine?
a) a machine makes work easier by changing force, distance, or direction
b) a machine is a time saving device that uses motors and gears
c) a machine can either be simple or compound
d) a machine changes the amount of input force

Power is measured in units called
a) watts
b) joules
c) newtons
d) meters

The wedge, screw, and lever are all
a) simple machines
b) compound machines
c) found in the human body
d) 100% efficient

A device that is twice as powerful as another can do ___________ the amount of work in the same time.
a) twice
b) triple
c) four times
d) half

The force exerted by a machine is called the __________ force.
a) output
b) input
c) work
d) power

You do ___________ on an object when you lift it of the floor and onto a shelf.
a) work
b) power
c) nothing
d) newtons

A machine can never be 100% efficient because some work is lost due to
a) friction
b) gravity
c) physics
d) mass

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