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What is a motto?
a) A place that honors a person or event.
b) A saying that a person tries to live by.
c) The highest court in the country.
d) Nothing, what's the motto with you?

True or False: The U.S. Government has 3 parts.
a) True
b) False

Who leads the state?
a) Governor
b) President
c) Mayor
d) Supreme Court

What is freedom?
a) Honoring a person or event
b) Voting
c) Paying taxes
d) The right to make choices

Which of these is NOT a function of the government?
a) Pay taxes
b) Settle disagreements
c) Make laws
d) Help citizens stay safe

What is an example of a symbol of the United States of America?
a) President
b) Deer
c) Bald Eagle
d) Car

Which one is NOT a part of the national government?
a) Congress
b) Governor
c) President
d) Supreme Court

What is the name of a person who lives in a community?
a) Citizen
b) Congress
c) Student
d) Neighbor

This is the person who leads a town or city.
a) President
b) Governor
c) Mayor
d) Principal

What does Congress do?
a) Leads the country.
b) Decides if laws are fair.
c) Leads a state.
d) Write and votes on laws.

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