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Which of these is usually under conscious control?
a) cardiac muscle
b) smooth muscle
c) skeletal muscle
d) eating muscle

A person picks up a pencil, thus flexing the elbow. Contraction of the biceps brachii muscle during flexion is mainly
a) isometric
b) isotonic
c) movement
d) sleeping

Contraction of the masseter muscle causes which action?
a) flexion of the head and neck
b) mouth closes
c) mouth opens
d) eye opens

Plantar flexion
a) bends the elbow
b) causes you to stand on your toes
c) causes you to stand on your heels
d) moves the leg out to the side of the body

What causes movement of the body
a) skeletal muscle contraction
b) cardiac muscle contraction
c) visceral muscle contraction
d) smooth muscle contraction

What are the three types of muscles
a) skeletal
b) smooth
c) cardiac
d) all the above

What are the origin and insertion points?
a) The origin of a muscle is its attachment to the more stationary bone.
b) The origin is the point of the chew
c) The insertion is the attachment to the more movable bone
d) both 1 and 3

Which combining form meanings movement?
a) kinesi/o
b) tax/o
c) ton/o
d) none of the above

Which type of muscle tissue makes possible movement of internal organs?
a) smooth
b) striated
c) voluntary
d) cardiac

Which term means the condition commonly known as hiccups?
a) myasthenia
b) singultus
c) totricollis
d) tonic

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