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Which of the following is NOT a method of political participation?
a) voting in an election
b) attending a political rally
c) paying taxes
d) wearing campaign buttons

What was the Supreme Courts decision in Baker v. Carr?
a) everyone's vote must count equally
b) the Supreme Court doesn't listen to approtionment cases
c) the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is unconstitutional
d) women must be granted the right to vote

Why is voting important?
a) voting is the only way for people to make their voices heard
b) protests are illegal
c) elected officials don't listen to voters
d) people can make their voices heard and protect their rights

Which of the following is NOT a requirement to vote
a) Must be 18
b) Must past a reading test
c) Must be a citizen
d) Must register

What did the 17th Amendment do?
a) Abolished poll taxes
b) Ended Slavery
c) Allowed for senators to be directly elected rather than appointed
d) Gives people the right to free speech

What is the main function of political parties?
a) protect the rights of individuals
b) monitor elections
c) nominate people to run for political positions
d) formally choose the president

What is the final step when political parties nominate a candidate?
a) Delegates make the selection at the national convention
b) A state electoral college makes the decision
c) The state legislatures appoint a candidate for each state
d) Citizens text in their choices

Which of the following phrases best summarizes the idea of popular sovereignty?
a) The President has final authority in government
b) the people have no say in government
c) the people have the power
d) the united states is an autocracy

What do we call a person that only votes with members of their own party?
a) suffrage
b) political party
c) partisan
d) coalition

What is another word for the right to vote?
a) suffrage
b) political party
c) partisan
d) coalition

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